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Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus October 26, 27, 28 2017

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1. Travel and Visa Arrangements:
EuroAsia Agent Workshop does not take any responsibility for the agent’s travel, visa processes and payments, or any personal expenses. The participating agents are responsible themselves for their own travel bookings and visa processes.

2. Cancellation
All agent applications are processed and if suitable, confirmed by EuroAsia, which can also cancel any registrations received from agents for any reason.

3. Forces Majeures
EuroAsia is entitled to cancel or postpone its events in the case of any unexpected situations (natural disasters, terrorism, war, any governmental authority orders…). In the relevant cases, EuroAsia will announce updated information on any event outside of its control that poses an obstacle.

4. Participation Regulations
The participating agents must fulfill a minimum of 23 slots in Marcom eSchedule PRO Online meeting booking system in order to use the maximum benefits of the event. Additionally, all agents must attend all events according to the indicated schedule. No extra persons (family members, friends, colleagues not registered to the event…) are allowed to join the workshop and relevant events.

The agents must commit that they will not contact the other event participants for any irrelevant business opportunities (such as car rentals, selling insurance, any advertisement agreements…) or put any materials up for sale during the workshop event.

5. Accommodation
Agent representatives will be accommodated full board in single rooms at the reserved hotel for three nights during the EuroAsia Workshop only. Should a second representative participate in the event, they will be charged $100 to share the room, or $400 for an extra room.

All additional expenses (extended stay, extra food and drink, charges to the room) will be charged. In the case of absence on the first day of the workshop, the agents understand that they will be fined $250 for the hotel accommodation fee.

6. Permission for Publishing Videos and Photos
I accept that photos and videos of me can be used in all media channels related to EuroAsia marketing activities by the workshop authority.

7. Incompatibility Situation
Should the agents violate any of the event rules and policies during the workshop, they will be required to meet a misconduct fee of $300.