10th YEDAB EuroAsia Agent Workshop 202428-29-30 October 2024 Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus

Why You Should Attend EuroAsia Agent Workshop?

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Past Exhibitors List

9th EUROASIA AGENT WORKSHOP (OCTOBER 2022) AUSTRALIAThe Language AcademyMacquarie Grammar School AUSTRIAManagement Center Innsbruck-The Entrepreneurial School CANADASt. Clair CollegeAlgoma UniversityNiagara CollegeUMC High SchoolM Square Media HUNGARYUniversity of Debrecen IRELANDDundalk Institute of TechnologyCES – Centre of English Studies INTERNATIONALETS TOEFL MALTAClubclass English Language School NORTH CYPRUSGirne American University RUSSIARussian University of State for SocialEastern European Universities […]

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Participated Agencies List

9th EUROASIA AGENT WORKSHOP (OCTOBER 2022)   ALBANIA Study Abroad Albania   ALGERIA IRACADEMY MB Study Abroad   AUSTRALIA Aus Studies Consultants   AZERBAIJAN Campus Global Baku City Academy Celt Abroad ARI Global Education Azerbaijan EDDE Global A-Level Education Group Dunya Company British Academy   BANGLADESH Sunrise Education Consultants   EGYPT Egytefl Organization Unigate Service […]

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Why Euroasia Workshop?

EuroAsia Workshop   Let’s Meet where the Continents Meet. Connect with the International & Regional Focused Educators 100+ Educators expected 3 nights complimentary accommodation at The Marmara Hotel Taksim Istanbul Bosphorus or another luxury hotel nearby (1 person on HB single room) Bosphorus boat trip and entertainment Fam trip to Turkish Universities in Istanbul Istanbul […]

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Why does the Industry need a Greater Middle East & Central Asia Focused Agent Workshop?​

· 1,5 million students enrolled from these countries · Makes up 20% of the global education industry demand · Important and strategic regions · Ease of getting Turkish visa · Strong cultural religious, economic and social ties between these regions and Turkey · Convenience of transport links to Turkey from the regions · Opportunity to […]

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What do we mean by Greater Middle East & Central Asia Focus?

In terms of political and geographical definition, the Greater Middle East is used to refer to the Gulf region, the Levant, the areas that were once covered by Mesopotamia and Persia, and Northern and Central Africa. In the meantime, Central Asia covers a region reaching from the Caucasus Mountains and the Central Asian Turkic Republics […]

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Why are we focusing on the Greater Middle East & Central Asia?

The student market in the Greater Middle East and Central Asia (Gulf Region,Central and Northern Africa) consists of 15-20% of the whole global market. We cannot underestimate this in figure when it comes to realizing strong global business goals. These countries see Turkey as having a strategic and important position due to its location as […]

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Workshop Statistics

We have conducted a survey with 100 participating agents in order to make you clear that what kind of agents will show up at EuroAsia Agent Workshop.









We Are Proud to Organize the Leading Agent Workshop in the Eurasian Region!

You will have a chance to set-up to 40 meetings during 3 days and participate in the on-site seminars held by the educational and cultural departments of the Consulate Generals and Embassies.








Bodwell High School (Canada)

 “Excellent! Very well done. The event was very well organized.”

University of Debrecen (Hungary) – Dora Monus

‘‘Very well done, thank you! Rather attentive organizers and staff, smooth prosecution. Valuable contacts, generally suitable prospective relations.’’

Birchwater Education

“I really enjoyed the trip. The workshop was really excellent and well organised. The reception and boat tour were a really nice way to meet with the other participants of at the event. I’m looking forward to attending again next year!”

University of Wisconsin La Crosse

“The staff were extremely helpful and accommodating. The agent participants selected were professional and with quality potential and I look forward to hopefully attend another workshop in the future.”

Northwest Missouri State University (USA) – Erika Lees

 “The Workshop gave a great way to connect us with potential agents, looking for the new partnerships as one community. It was well-organized and the meeting system was perfect.”


“The team proved to be efficient and organized workshop. There are not any negatives that come to mind. EuroAsia workshop is a great opportunity for universities to have direct contact with future partners and we are grateful for this opportunity.”


“The Variety and the number of agents was good. Because of the fam trips many agents were acquainted with universities this makes the meetings more effective.”

Tio University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands)

“The event was 100% organized and useful for having new wide partnerships. The IEFT team was very competent and friendly, we experienced a real hospitality.”

Koc University (Turkiye)

 “Thank you for letting us participate! Keep up the good work.”

University of Debrecen (Hungary) – Dora Monus

‘‘Very well done, thank you! Rather attentive organizers and staff, smooth prosecution. Valuable contacts, generally suitable prospective relations.’’

Check What They Say About Our Event

We are proud to welcome over 300 educational institutions from 40 different countries. Thank you for your good comments & feedback!                



We would like to cordially invite you to the 10th YEDAB EuroAsia Agent Workshop which will be held at Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus, on 28-29-30 October 2024 to create networking opportunities with the leading institutions and agents in our industry. EuroAsia Agent Workshop is organised by IEFT (International Education Fairs of Turkiye) and in cooperation with YEDAB (Association of Overseas Education Counsellors) which has more than 100 members in Turkey and 200 international members, also is open for all qualified agents around the world.



If you aim to strengthen your position in the international education market and meet partners from Middle East, Iran, Turkiye, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Balkan Countries, Russia, Ukraine, Africa, and Southeast Asia, and etc. this agent workshop is the perfect platform for you! Please click here to see agents list of the previous event.


Why should you be a part of the EuroAsia Agent Workshop?

- B2B meetings with high-quality student recruitment agents

- Only the decision-makers of agents are invited. (either the owners or the managers)

- Marcom Pro-Gold e-schedule meeting system

- 70% of the agents attend only EuroAsia Workshop rather than any other similar platforms

- Larger agent participation on-site compared to other events due to the visa exemption or the ease of acquiring Turkish visas for agents

- 3-nights accommodation at Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus and other 5-star hotels with special rates

- Rich social activities and networking

- Boat Cruise on the amazing Bosphorus


Date:  28-29-30 October 2024
Venue:  Hilton İstanbul Bosphorus
Participation Fee:  3200 USD


Price Includes:

- Access to online meeting system (Marcom eSchedule Pro Gold)

- B2B meetings up to 40 slots

- Welcome coffee and refreshment breaks during the workshop days

- Open buffet lunch during workshop days

- Welcome Reception and Boat Cruise on the amazing Bosphorus



About YEDAB (Association of Study Abroad Counsellors)


YEDAB was founded in May 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey. Since foundation, YEDAB has primarily acted as a bridge between agencies and schools and continues to perform outstanding work. YEDAB’s headquarters are based in Istanbul and it has members consisting of over 100 local member agents in Turkiye and over 200 international educational agents in the region, while it has also achieved excellent and strong links with other agents in neighboring countries.  


We will also be happy to hear your thoughts, feedback and comments via email or Whatsapp +90 533 897 23 33.


We are looking forward to welcoming you to the 10th YEDAB EuroAsia Agent Workshop in Istanbul!


Best wishes,

EuroAsia Team