EuroAsia Workshop

  • Let’s Meet where the Continents Meet.
  • Connect with the International & Regional Focused Educators
  • 100+ Educators expected
  • 3 nights complimentary accommodation at The Marmara Hotel Taksim Istanbul Bosphorus or another luxury hotel nearby (1 person on HB single room)
  • Bosphorus boat trip and entertainment
  • Fam trip to Turkish Universities in Istanbul
  • Istanbul city tours

Why does the education industry need a Greater Middle East & Central Asia focused Agent workshop?

  • 1,5 million students enrolled from these countries
  • Makes up 20% of the global education industry demand
  • Important and strategic regions
  • Ease of getting Turkish visa
  • Strong cultural religious, economic and social ties between these regions and Turkey
  • Convenience of transport links to Turkey from the region

The international education industry has been growing rapidly over the last couple of decades. According to UNESCO, the number of students studying abroad is expected to reach 8 million by 2025. The Greater Middle East and Central Asia will be playing a very important role in supplying a vast majority of those students (almost 20% of the global market) coming from these two regions.

There are thousands of educational recruitment agents in the region assisting these students in order to find suitable programs, countries and schools. Turkey is a very central location and a bridge for those two important regions making it an excellent hub for attracting Greater Middle East and Central Asian agents.

On the other hand, many international education providers find Turkey an attractive country because of its own enormous student flow, as well as its neighboring countries. Turkey and the countries of the Greater Middle East and Central Asia have succeeded in establishing strong cultural, religious, economic and social ties and the educational agents from GME and CA are very keen on keeping in touch with each other.

You also have the added convenience Turkey welcomes people from many GME and CA countries without requiring a visa. Organizing a boutique regional event in Istanbul will help both educators and agents to increase the volume of their business in the region as Istanbul is located in an attractive and strategic point.

What do we mean by Greater Middle East and Central Asia Focus?

In terms of political and geographical definition the Greater Middle East is used to refer to the Gulf region, the Levant, the areas that were once covered by Mesopotamia and Persia and Northern and Central Africa. In the meantime, Central Asia covers a region reaching from the Caucasus Mountains and the Central Asian Turkic Republics all the way to Mongolia. However, we also consider all the Muslim countries under the GME and CA as contacts for business as well. We therefore invite agents from Muslim countries or countries with substantial Muslim populations from all around the world.

Why are we focusing on the Greater Middle East and Central Asia?

The student market in the Greater Middle East and Central Asia (Gulf Region,Central and Northern Africa) consists of 15-20% of the whole global market. We cannot underestimate this in figure when it comes to realizing strong global business goals. These countries see Turkey as having a strategic and important position due to its location as a bridge between Europe and Asia, its shared cultural, religious and social values, and the convenient transport links and strong bonds between them. On account of this impressive image, people from indicated countries are very keen on doing business in Turkey.

Correspondingly, since we are aware of the major demand for Middle East and Central Asian students among international educators, this workshop is a great opportunity for you to meet and establish successful business relationships with your target group; high-quality international educators and service providers. The educators we invite to EuroAsia Agent workshop come from 25 different countries from all over the world. Our aim is to allow you to get the maximum benefit of doing business with them face to face during the workshop and also in the IEFT fairs, which will be held on October 28, 29 2017. Both events are set to provide you with great advantages.

Why should you be a part of such a fruitful workshop?

  • B2B meetings with the highest quality international educators
  • Free 3 nights full board accommodation at 5 star hotels
  • Social activities and networking
  • Amazing Bosphorus boat tour
  • Istanbul city tours
  • University campus visits
  • Opportunity to visit International Education Fairs of Turkey (IEFT)

As strong players in the overseas education sector for 16 years and sharing a similar tradition, culture and background as you, we clearly understand your feelings, business needs, demands and aims. We are very happy to announce that our Greater Middle East & Central Asia Focus EuroAsia Workshop, aimed at student recruitment agents directors, managers and management teams in EuroAsia, will provide you with an impressively convenient way to establish, maintain and reinforce your business links with the highest quality international educators and service providers in a single trip free of charge.

This will also open doors for you to the top 100 - 150 universities, colleges and language schools from all around the world. You’ll have the chance to do business effectively and efficiently face-to-face with top quality universities, colleges and language schools giving global services, allowing you to develop worldwide partnerships and promote your brand within the international education industry.

The workshop is not the only event we provide for you, you will also have another great chance to visit the International Education Fairs of Turkey (IEFT) immediately after the agent workshop in order to meet more representatives from international schools (high schools, language schools, universities, consulates…) at their booths. Turkey’s IEFT Exhibition hosts over 150 institutions professionally from around 25 different countries with over 20,000 prospective students visiting each event.

Added to this, we can give you the peace of mind that all the participating schools you’ll meet, provide high-quality services to the students who attend their institutions.